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In today’s modern medical world, pain can be eliminated with the procedures and efforts
from teams of dedicated physicians and medical specialists.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

The product of combining traditional traction with joint mobilization. It has been found to have a therapeutic benefit for conditions that involve nerve impingement syndrome in the lumbar and cervical regions. if you are interested in learning more about spinal decompression therapy, we suggest viewing our frequently asked questions & benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Does decompression therapy hurt?

No, it feels very relaxing. It’s not uncommon for patients to fall asleep while the therapy is performed.

2 – Will it make herniated disc disappear?

Herniated discs represent weakened soft tissue. That weakness will probably remain, but decompression does take pressure off the structures surrounding the disc.

3 – Does the relief last?

The benefits of decompression therapy can last for very long periods if you make some positive changes in your lifestyle. However, since joint/disc weakness can persist, you may make a bend, twist or turn that could bring your symptoms back.


1 – Pain reduction by decreasing pressure on the nerves and joints.

2 – Increased ability to perform daily activities with less pain.

3 – Numbness and tingling decrease and strength returning to your extremities.

THe Process


Our initial examination will reveal whether your condition could be helped by decompression.


You will be placed on a decompression device that will gently stretch and separate the vertebrae in your area of concern.


After the decompression you will still see Dr. Clark for an adjustment to remobilize the vertebrae.

Inflammatioin Reduction

General body inflammation is common to develop as we age. It’s what seems to cause the overall every day aches and pains that we feel during daily activities. Besides mobilization and therapeutic massage techniques, the food we eat is very important in keeping inflammation at bay.

Sugar and white flour are the first things to avoid. Then adding some spices and herbs like Turmeric and Boswellia to your diet will help as well. This will keep you feeling well enough to begin getting back to the activities you used to love. If you are interested in learning more about inflamation reduction, we suggest viewing our frequently asked questions and benefits below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why combine Chiropractic care with myofascial release?

It is important to get movement in the joints re-established but the muscles must be addressed as well to achieve stability.


1 – By balancing the muscles after the treatment we head off the probability that tight muscles will pull the bony structures back out of position or keep them from moving normally.

2 – Myofascial release also helps the muscle wake up and tone, so that as you progress in your return to health, your muscles will be ready to handle further strengthening exercises.

3 – Facilitation of the muscles also has an ability to relax tense muscles which then helps you feel more relaxed in general.

The Process


Begin by re-mobilizing the spine through Chiropractic care.


Then begin to change your nutrition profile by eating more fresh, real foods and staying away from processed foods.


Then begin to reintroduce yourselfto exercise. Starting slowly and working yourself up to any level you are comfortable with.

Get Started

Now is the time to begin your journey back to a pain free existence. You don’t
have to live in pain. Instead of just letting your aches and pains control your life,
take the steps needed to be happy and healthful again. See us soon to get started.

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